Saturday, July 21, 2012

Mercies: Kickstarter for Tour and new 7"

I just backed this, as I typically do for bands I believe in (and realize not even every fan will/will be able to).

Their debut record Three Thousand Days is a terrific collection of jangly power-pop tunes, that is evidence of the high level of songwriting abilities of the members (among other things).

And their new EP The Ballet while different, is also of the quality and among the best EPs released in 2012.

I of course have never seen them live (although I've seen some of the members with The Dear Hunter and The Receiving End of Sirens), but perhaps this Kickstarter campaign will allow them to come to Minneapolis.

The 7" they refer to, I'm not clear as to why, but it doesn't appear is included until you pledge around $55. I guess it might be worth asking about that. I already own a copy of Three Thousand Days, but not a physical copy of The Ballet. I would think the 7" will be available soon after this tour, but it would be nice to get a physical copy of it with my pledge at $25 (even tradiing/exchanging the physical copy of Three Thousand Days that comes with a $25 pledge).

But regardless, hopefully this will become another successful Kickstarter and by some chance, they'll find their way to Minneapolis or St.Paul on this tour their looking for help to fund.