Monday, July 2, 2012

Amanda Palmer & the Grand Theft Orchestra - Theatre is Evil (2012)

6/19/12-7/2/12 4:58PM

Track List is below now, as Amanda posted it on a Kickstarter Update (among 500 other things of course).

Cover Art (I guess, no title or anything is a little odd)

01. Meow Meow Introduces The Grand Theft Orchestra
02. Smile (Pictures or It Didn't Happen)
03. The Killing Type
04. Do It with a Rockstar
05. Want It Back
06. Grown Man Cry
06. Trout Heart Replica
08. A Grand Theft Intermission
09. Lost
10. Bottomfeeder
11. The Bed Song
12. Massachusetts Avenue
13. Melody Dean (featuring David J on bass)
14. Berlin
15. Olly Olly Oxen Free

from facebook

I actually don't think I posted the actual title yet, save for in 1 of the topics about the Kickstarter campaign.

And track list? I don't think it's been announced yet. There's been some songs shared, but I'm blanking on if that was announced yet. If it was, it'll be edited in here soon.

The release date even isn't set, but it is coming out in September.