Tuesday, July 17, 2012

The Antlers - Undersea [EP] (2012)

1 Drift Dive 4:48
2 Endless Ladder 8:30
3 Crest 3:42
4 Zelda 5:31

I'm guessing you have to *like* The Antlers on Facebook in order to stream this. Given I have, I am able to.

fb link

Otherwise, here's some of it.

Honestly, after hearing this, I'm really wondering if they've jumped the shark. Hospice was an incredibly moving and powerful record, which had its slower moments certainly, but also included those huge emotional vocal sections. And frankly, well-written, addictive and with many nmemorable parts.

2011's Burst Apart really did not. All I got from it was boredom. And honestly streaming this collection of 4 pieces, it may be even more boring than Burst Apart.

It's like they now have a fetish for slowcore of a kind, which is some of the most pointless kind of music for me to try and listen to. They almost are becoming like Low, the band they got compared to on Hospice and their previous 2 records, In the Attic of the Universe and Uprooted as well. Which never made much if any sense to me. They should have been compared to the likes of Ours, Neverending White Lights or Blackfield instead.

But seeing all those slowcore/Low comparisons, I wonder if Peter Silberman and the band were exposed to some actual slowcore and decided they wanted to actually make music of that sort.

Blech, o well. Hardly the 1st band whose early work was promising and then floundered.