Saturday, July 14, 2012

Coheed and Cambria News (New album Fall 2012)


Coheed and Cambria are set to release a new studio album this fall. Their North American tour with Iron Maiden begins July 24th.

I'm not sure how significant this is, or the info about the live action adaptation. The last 2 albums have been huge drops in quality (not to mention mix). I usually figure after 2 straight duds, a band has jumped the shark. Although at least with Good Apollo 2, there were a few nice tracks.

I suppose a new album is still news worthy for me now, but if this is as bad or any worse than Year of the Black Rainbow, I don't know why I'm going to expect anything like (especially with the progressive influence) Good Apollo 1 or In Keeping Secrets again from them.

I will say, no disrespect to Chris Pennie, but at least Josh Eppard is back with them which likely can't hurt.