Friday, April 2, 2010

Kiss Kiss - All They Draw (Video, 2010)

entertaining, very well-shot and edited.

I might add, in helping (donating) to help them out make their way down to SXW a few weeks back, they were kind enough to send me some early/pre-Kiss Kiss stuff, including live work that is pretty damn impressive itself. Like, they might want to consider releasing some of it at some point.

Also I am in contact with them, so that is rather cool. They're just normal people, traveling right now on tour. But I sense quite down-to-earth that, especially given they still have yet to play in Minnesota (since I became a fan at least in 2006); at least chatting live with them is pretty cool.

Most of my favorite people who are musicians are like that. Very personal-able and it seems these guys are right in there. Why it is still too bad I haven't seen them play a concert. Hopefully that'll change soon.