Saturday, July 7, 2018

Lost in Vegas - Rush-2112 REACTION

A lot of people have seen this already, and I commented on Twitter earlier about it.

I enjoyed this one a ton as I have with all of their Rush videos and many others.

The only issue is the edits for copyright concerns.

I mentioned they should check out the ANIMATED VIDEO that Rush themselves shared a few years ago.

And then I added another post on twitter tagging them and Rush that echos a ton of comments in support of them making a REACT TO video for Natural Science.

It is awesome they love Rush so much, and some of the comments asked about them reacting to some other names in progressive rock. Yes of course (Roundabout, which might make sense, although someone suggested Heart of the Sunrise which would be my suggestion).

And so I chimed in about Genesis and King Crimson which I thought they may have done a video for 21st Century Schizoid Man, but I'm not sure. They could react to Starless or Red I suppose if so.