Thursday, July 26, 2018


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His doctors weren’t sure about sending him home even after a month, but he convinced them he’d heal faster in his own environment. “I think, candidly, I’m back to 80 percent,” he says. “I feel like I’m increasing exponentially daily, or at least by orders of five or six percent at a time. I’m seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. My thinking is clear and I know who I am and where I am. It all feels like a natural healing process.”
Things are going so well that he’s going ahead with a previously planned First National Band tour that kicks off September 7th in Houston and wraps up September 23rd in Ridgefield, Connecticut. He played a short California club tour with a new incarnation of his pioneering country rock band earlier this year, but this is his first nationwide tour with them since their 1972 split. “Most of it is sold out, so that was really encouraging,” he says. “I thought the First National Band was just marginal and had been tossed away by the Monkees powers and nobody liked them.”


I guess the news last month when the tour dates got postponed was more serious than he wanted to let the public know.

It's a relief, and this procedure took place last month. I just hope going forward with the tour dates still makes sense.


I never got around to writing a review of the Mike and Micky show in Chicago 1-week ago tonight, which the wife and I saw, was a good show, and Mike especially seemed to be in very good spirits.

And this tour, had never happened before with just Michael Nesmith and Micky Dolenz together only.

edit: the story on ultimateclassicrock via TMZ may not be completely accurate.

There's also planned a 1st National Band tour in September, which includes Chicago. Nesmith also is scheduled to make an appearance at at least 1 of the Comic-Cons, maybe next month? I forget.

Oddly enough, the 1st National Band live album which comes from the LA Troubadour show the wife and I were at.

See here (the show I and my wife attended)

Nesmith First National Band Live at the Troubadour

Anyway, this puts a big of a damper on everything with Nez and even the show to an extent we saw. He didn't lose consciousness at least, but it certainly is alarming. His health is obviously is most important.

The Monkees Tour twitter mentions planning to reschedule the shows, which hopefully they can, but if they can't, I and I'm sure most fans would just wish him a full recovery.

I do wonder if this tour would have been best to be short/shorter. Kind of like what Rick Wakeman has said about doing short tours or special one-off shows.

Please Get Well Nez! If you and Micky aren't able to makeup the remaining shows, that is okay. And sadly, even if you can't make Comic-Con or the 1st National Band dates in September. Your health is more important.

edit 2: Andrew Sandoval on Facebook (of Rhino Records and sort of an official/unofficial manager for The Monkees), confirmed a few details. Nez was never at The Keswick, there was no soundcheck.

I am sorry to report that the final 4 dates of The Monkees Tour will be postponed till January. Michael Nesmith has not been feeling well and will be recuperating in the meantime. We will return to the good clean fun as soon as possible.