Thursday, July 12, 2018

The Mercury Tree - Cryptic Tree [EP] (2017-2018)

New EP coming from The Mercury Tree on July 27th, which per bandcamp/below, is the 1st of a couple of releases expected in 2018 from The Mercury Tree.

Interesting how this release includes the service of an additional guitarist Igliashon Jones who has his own music as well, linked below.

1. Change All Your Passwords
2. Diffractions and Halos
3. Cold Flame
4. Huntress
5. Soaring Xenharmonic Plantain

A leap into the deepest, heaviest depths of microtonality we've yet tackled. A collaboration with microtonal composer Igliashon Jones (Cryptic Ruse, City of the Asleep) using 23- and 17-note equal divisions of the octave. 

Stay tuned for the new full-length Mercury Tree album coming this fall! Also, check out Igliashon's other work here:
releases July 27, 2018 

Igliashon Jones - guitar, synths 
Ben Spees - guitar, synths, vocals 
Connor Reilly - drums 
Oliver Campbell - bass, vocals 

Engineered by Ben Spees at College of Wizardry & Bongo Fury 
Mastered by Julian Silva