Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Bent Knee + Bubblemath + Gatherers 7/10/18 @ 7th St Entry

So I should include a review here for this show last night Tuesday the 10th of July at the 7th Street Entry in Minneapolis.

1st off: live reviews are done as often as I can, but sometimes they just don't manage to happen like the Chromeo show a few weeks back. Raphael Saadiq perhaps on the 20th among some others may happen hopefully. Maybe movie screenings like Whitney or the Muse one tomorrow night 7/12.

But this was the 2nd Bent Knee show I've seen in basically 1-year (July 24th last year was the other), and while that show was a huge deal for me to finally see Bent Knee, and also cool to see local band Air Lands with them (and have Sarah from Cloud Cult sit-in); this show included Bubblemath of course, 1 of Minnesota proggiest of prog bands.

Great double bill, and Kai especially is a Bent Knee fan, etc he hosted them last year.

So those 2 along with Gatherers from NJ (not Gatherer, RIP, see previous entry), who I'll say, while I don't know if I'll be pursuing their music necessarily, but they seemed to capture the Post-Hardcore energy and sound well. And a few moments the guitar textures had me turn my head. As I told them, I'm sure some new fans will be made between their and Bent Knee's fan bases.

Bubblemath, played 30 minutes and 3 songs. 2 new ones not on either album. "Refused" in particular I enjoyed, namely the last 1/3 or maybe even half of. Which I told Kai, a lot of their music I tend to focus on the sections in the songs/pieces at times. But also, that tune and the 2nd tune "Everything" are both new, and for some reason the mix for them was not as clear as it was for both Bent Knee and even Gatherers I think.

"Routine" is an epic like the other 2, and from Edit Peptide. And I liked maybe even more than at the show I saw in 2017 at The Triplerock Social Club (RIP).

At any case, 3 songs, 30 minutes. Other than mix/sound issues, it was great to see them again and the 2 new songs are for their next album which I guess is planned to be recorded soon = late 2018 or 2019 release? let's hope.

Bent Knee: the set list I have below likely isn't fully accurate. I'm unsure based on some of the songs they played I didn't recognize and the set lists from vary. They didn't play an encore, and the list below has 12 songs, which I'm thinking they didn't play quite that many. Maybe 8-10?

edit: I think it was 9 songs, as I thought they mentioned the drummer who filled in had to learn "9 songs from their set list" or something.

Land Animal, Hands Up, Leak Water for sure.

Anyway, apologies for the slightly guesstimated set list.

Bent Knee were still really fun, energetic live. And their drummer Gavin Wallace-Allsworth had to leave the tour on June 23rd, after an accident in San Francisco where he broke his foot. But thankfully he had surgery, and is recovering well I guess .

The drummer that filled-in, I forget his name. It may have been Gatherers drummer Adam Cichocki? I forget. But I guess he learned their music really fast, and while they do miss Gavin, the drum work was still excellent last night.

But with the new songs being played and speaking to Ben Levin, they have a new record in the works, which doesn't surprise me, but definitely is one to look forward to. They are prolific, but from album they don't seem to lose any quality in their songs, which says a lot. I see Shiny Eyed Babies, Say So and Land Animal all pretty close, and all having many outstanding tracks that have moments I look forward to and love.

2019 new Bent Knee? let's hope.

Also I picked up the Say So double vinyl, which I hope to show on YouTube soon.

And I met a bunch of really cool fans including this guy Pete and 1 of his sons, from Eau Claire, WI. Also a musician named Mage? who takes a ton of inspiration from Bent Knee and is from MN I guess, but is going to College in LA.

Bent Knee
Bone Rage
Time Deer
Leak Water
Hands Up
Garbage Shark
Golden Hour
Terror Bird
Land Animal

1 of these may have been played:
Holy Ghost
Mother's Day
Give Us the Gold
Being Human


no set list found