Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Radical Research Podcast (Metal, Prog, Misc)


This is a relatively new Podcast that I recall hearing about a few months ago, but didn't manage to check out until this past weekend.

And their latest episode, number 10, is about "Ginncore" or my favorite description, progressive college rock (alt/alternative prog, new-prog, indie-prog). I.e. bands/artists who were influences or share some common traits to the likes of Radiohead, Tool, Sigur Ros and The Mars Volta among others.

This podcast has 2 music fanatics like myself, Jeff Wagner who wrote the progressive metal book a few years back Mean Deviation, and Hunter Ginn.

Jeff now works for the progressive rock record label Inside Out music along with writing other books. He previously was the editor of Metal Maniacs magazine for 5 years.

Hunter Ginn, I honestly don't recall all that much about, but I stumbled across a post he made about the podcast on one of the handful of Perpetual Motion message boards.

edit: he is a journlist who writes about Metal, but I'm not certain for what/where. Metal Archives? maybe among other sites. He also is the drummer for the prog band Canvas Solaris.

The 2 of them both love music, Metal, Prog and other types. And very much into the obscure and ALBUMS more than just individual tunes.

So I haven't listened to it yet, but their 10th episode was just uploaded today (7/24/18) and is their longest at nearly 2 hours long.

I haven't listened to it yet unfortunately, but I will share it:

Ginncore Episode aka HEAVY progressive college rock

If this is as focused as I imagine it is, I'll likely post a REACT-TO entry soon (maybe tonight or

I'm sure there will be a lot of bands that won't be brought up, and some I may be surprised were (like The Deftones, Glassjaw and Failure per from what I've heard of all of them, I don't know if I would consider them progressive rock really. Glassjaw though were lumped in with Kaddisfly and Fair to Midland at 1 point, but I sensed they really were much closer to purely Post-Hardcore punk rock than the progressive styles of The Mars Volta, Kaddisfly or Fair to Midland).

Also given the 2 people from this podcast are consumers of large amount of progressive rock, and namely MODERN progressive rock, some of the folks I know on other sites/platforms that would be cool to see interact with them perhaps (beyond someone like Greg Massi of The Color of Air podcast/Baliset and other bands along with formerly of the bands maudlin of the Well and Kayo Dot. Who had Jeff Wagner once on his podcast).

It would be cool to include the likes of:
Josh Rundquist (That Drummer Guy)
Jordan Blum (Popmatters, Examiner?, The Prog Report, + others)
Neesh (Neeshcast)
Lorenzo Barbagli (altprogcore)
Roie Avin (The Prog Report)
Anil Prasad (Innerviews)
Notes Reviews (YouTube)

It would be great to get some kind of collaboration or roundtable discussion like The Prog Squad did (and maybe still do under Mark Ashby's Progtopia podcast now).

But time/timing and desire may never see that happen. But in the mean time, Radical Research is a cool new podcast that is doing that, and I suppose 1 part is the METAL DNA of both the hosts. Which is just 1-part, but