Friday, April 27, 2018

Kai Danzberg - Pop-Up Radio (2017-2018)

So per Jellyfish and most recently Beck's band, Roger Joseph Manning's post on Facebook about this guy

Imitation IS the sincerest form of flattery, so w that in mind...thank u Kai Danzberg

I discovered the video below, and despite the blatant references, as a Jellyfish, Beatles, Pink Floyd fan, etc, it kind of hit home. And it does sound like a JF track.

So naturally I went to check out the album the track "Welcome to the Show" comes from, Pop-Up Radio, which was released on January 1, 2018.

So Kai Danzberg's music, at least on this song is rather power-pop-ish. I couldn't help but be reminded of Jellyfish or even the likes of Bend Sinister and Timmy Sean in some ways.

This guy I guess is from Germany, and this is his debut album I guess. Although he put out an EP titled Unacceptable last September which is catchy, but also has a New Jack Swing element to it. And he mentions Michael Jackson among the music he's inspired by, Which I actually hear a bit of sElf in the stuff on there.

At any case, I'm going to try and check this whole album out more (I've listened to maybe 2/3 of it, but there wasn't much time at work today = new job, etc), but it's great hear someone new doing proggy Power-Pop.

And that video: I wonder how he did it/how much time, money, etc it took.

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Kai Danzberg on Facebook

1. Overture 00:42
2. Welcome To The Show 03:47
3. Yes We Can 03:38
4. Just Listen To Me 02:59
5. You're The One 03:02
6. Puppet On A String 03:45
7. Stranger 05:37
8. How Can You 03:01
9. Too Late 03:35
10. What The F 03:50
11. Sophie 03:28
12. I Should Try 04:22
13. Sleep (Tell Me) 04:08