Tuesday, April 24, 2018

2000's vs 2010's: Coming

This is just a mention, vague announcement about a couple of lists I've been thinking about, and just comparing them.

I think that is largely per we are now almost finished on the Calendar with the 2010's, lol. And so the whole Calendar-based glance at the decade-worth of something, in this case, music artists, and progressive rock namely, is close to assessing, at least during-the-time.

In other words, with only 19 months or whatever left in the 2010's, the artists that define the 2010's are close to being noted, listed, etc. Again, at least during-the-2010's that I'm aware of.

So the topic and list in this entry I'm thinking I want to update soon.

I mean my intention is certainly sometime in late 2019 or early-mid 2020, do a Top 50 or maybe 100 albums of the 2010's, but given how that isn't that far away, I'm already interested in posting a list not only about ARTISTS from the 2010's and then comparing the ARTISTS of the 2000's.

How do the 2010's fully compare to the 2000's?

What is the difference in sound/influence, etc?

Now I can mention, I started an entry a little while ago just listing Artists and what decade-we-think-of-them-for, which maybe that is more of what this upcoming entry will be. But after I started doing it, I ended up just putting artists from every decade of the history of Rock music, at least from the 60's-2010's.