Friday, April 6, 2018

The Family Crest - The War: Act I (2017-2018)


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My post on twitter a bit ago

This new album from is sohhh bloody good! I think it surpasses Beneath the Brine. Such lush, rich, epic symphonic arrangements. I keep just thinking, Holy Fuck, Album of the Year?


Paste Magazine Stream

This is really fucking good!


New track "Take Tonight" streaming

2/16/18 12:30PM

Preorders and all the good stuff including another track to stream "It Keeps Us Dancing" which may have been available back in November per this article, although it has an update apparently per the Album info which I know wasn't available last fall.

itunes (incl track lengths)

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1  To Love You     4:28
2  It Keeps Us Dancing 5:59
3  Take Tonight 2:54
4  Rest 3:41
5  Never Gonna Stop 4:02
6  Daggers 4:10
7  Waiting Still 5:21
8  I Was Born 2:55
9  Like a Light 3:52
10  The Years 5:09
11  The Mighty Echo 5:10
12  The Rock's Resting on Your Back 4:17

Article there talking about this upcoming album The War: Act I.

New song/video for "Never Gonna Stop" which I haven't heard/watched it yet of course per I'm at work. But I'm of course highly intrigued by it. This video alone sounds pretty outrageous.

Anyway, when more details come of course I'll bump this entry.

edit: RELEASE DATE is April 6th, 2018.

Song is nice, the VIDEO is fucking OUTRAGEOUS. So many parodies from Movies/TV and Pop Culture. I wonder who directed it.