Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Pending/In Progress Entries/Content (April 2018)

Borrowing a bit of terminology from my new job that I started last week, which unfortunately has limited my headphone time even more. Although it may vary, but, while the job I had going back to 2013 through this March was more analytical, I still did enough right brain/left brain work.

The new job? it's more emailing and discussion based. And SPREADSHEETS.

It also is working-with people in other departments (above my paygrade), so not zoning-out and the focus is at a higher level/percentage at times. I.e. no music/podcasts.

More compact disc listening in the car.

Okay, so that doesn't have a lot of meaning for what I wanted to jot down here.

-The Family Crest - The War: Act I
-Kindo - Happy However After

those 2 are kind of duking it out right now for my attention, and I love both of them. A bit of a top spot competition.

Plus Kimbra, Janelle Monae and to a lesser degree, God is an Astronaut are on the horizon this month. Bend Sinister in May as well as some others.

-Midseason List/Rankings, etc..shall be a focus, probably after Record Store Day this Saturday, but also once those late April records are available. A Summary+list, or List w/ Blurbs (and Summary?)..time permitting the larger. The list oddly as it feels, should be pretty deep/long.

-Blade Runner+Blade Runner 2049. Just watched both of these over the last 5 days. A video or podcast is in the works with them. I want to go over as many of the explanations and reviews as I can, but per they are fresh in my mind still, I would anticipate those entries and youtube uploads to happen within a week if not sooner.

-Grimus..not only the new album Unmanageable Species competing for 2017-2018's top record, I was sent a haul of all 4 of their cds from their PR guy per Facebook. All the way from Romania. And I really do love Grimus, and so a new entry+Video showing and talking about their albums/history is in order I think.

-Umbrellaman the new project from Dan Fury, new EP and info talked about on his YouTube Channel VinylFury. The Foals-fan in me is really enjoying this.

-REACT TO 89.3's 893 ESSENTIAL SONGS LIST..i.e. MY LIST with a small-text copy of theirs with bolded names.

a few others I may add in that I need to jog my memory. a RIYL/FFO for Ours for example (Grimus sort of helps that)..some Albums Calendar work hopefully 2001+2003.

That all also per my time not being compromised by hunting for apt/duplex/house-rental soon ASSUMING the weather finally shows up and we have SPRING.