Saturday, April 7, 2018

Kindo - Happy However After (2017-2018) (The Reign of Kindo now just KINDO)

Preorder per Candyrat Records

Vinyl coming in May, but the CD is next Friday.


So the preorder and official track list is finally up. I'm totally happy to hear this of course in the coming weeks. And the track list appears to be all songs that were previously shared as part of the Patreon program.

It's just the MIXES and perhaps even arrangements may differ.

I guess I'll see what they are like in a few weeks.

I must admit, 1 of the tracks I hoped would be on the album, and thought was, even with a different mix/arrangement, "Poor and Hungry Kings," I'm a bit disappointed didn't make it. That song is fantastic, and perhaps my favorite of all the songs I've heard per the Patreon.

Just scanning the list of songs per the emails, I would say while I think every track is good and up to Kindo's standards, "Poor and Hungry Kings" and "About Love" are probably my 2 favorites. "One in a Million" and "Let Me Be" also stand out.

I suppose there may be multiple reasons for the track list they went with, and it seems like most of the songs are older, which may mean "Poor and Hungry Kings" will end up on another record soon after.

Anyway, we'll see. I guess the next new song per the Patreon is coming next week? from what I thought I heard Joey say on a live stream they did this evening on FB.

Patreon Songs:
Human Convention
City of Gods
One in a Million
Smell of a Rose
About Love
Return to Me
Catch the Gleam
Colder Than December
Let Me Be
Stolen Treasure
Poor and Hungry Kings
Blue Eerie Glow
Citizen of Nowhere

Digital Preorder (iTunes + Googleplay currently there)

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1 Human Convention 3:34
2 Catch the Gleam 5:35
3 Let Me Be 5:11
4 One in a Million 4:08
5 Smell of a Rose 3:50
6 Return to Me 4:15
7 About Love 4:46
8 Colder Than December 3:27
9 Obsolete 5:22
10 City of Gods 6:11

10 Songs, 46 minutes

New album version of "Human Convention" there. Nice article from Jordan Blum. 

3/6/18 11:50AM

Per the Patreon postings, this new album officially comes out on April 13th, but also will be available on their upcoming East Coast Mini-Tour with Little Tybee.

Digital and CD initially

180 gram 45 RPM Vinyl coming, will be in a few months (not surprising).

Track Listing should be announced soon.

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1/26/18 10:57PM
So, this is kind of big news, The Reign of Kindo are now going to be called KINDO. 

I have mixed feelings about this.

-With a shorter, simpler name, it's easier to tell people and for new/unfamiliar fans to remember their name
-It still is distinct and it does retain part of their original name. Plus many fans like myself just refer to them as "Kindo" anyway.

-They've been around for over 10 years, and they have slowly but steadily built up a decent Cult following. And for those who are fans, or even were fans in the past, will likely always think of them as The Reign of Kindo or TRoK. And this change may take a bit to get used to.

-I was trying to think of examples of bands who changed their name, even partially, that ended up finding more success and even just making music at the same quality as when they used their previous name. Especially this far into their career, and I struggled. The closest thing I came up with this afternoon was "The Dixie Dregs" which between that name, "The Dregs" and "Steve Morse" and.or Steve Morse Band." But I kind of see those more like Pat Metheny vs Pat Metheny Group or Neal Morse vs Neal Morse Band, etc.

But with those thoughts aside, this upcoming album Happy However After there are a lot of other factors for my personal feeling.

I still ADORE this band and also the fact I've heard like a dozen or more of the new songs, many which may not even be included. And some that may but in different arrangements. But among the dozen or whatever it is, songs I've been loving per their Patreon, I naturally have very big hopes for this album.

In fact I would say there's a good chance, by default, it would already be in my top 5 albums of 2017-2018 just per knowing at least a percentage of it already in 1 form/arrangement. And had they released an album last year, it very well could have been my Album of the Year.

More details of course coming about this album, hopefully rather soon.

The 1st single "Return to Me" though is below to check out already, a track I've been enjoying for awhile already per the Patreon.

Image may contain: shoes article with stream

Buffalo- and NYC-based prog/pop-rock outfit The Reign of Kindo are back with a new album and a slightly altered moniker, as the band is now known as just Kindo and will release their new record, Happy However After. Today, we premiere the album's lead single, "Return To Me." 

Return to Me also can be found here