Tuesday, April 10, 2018

893 Essential Songs (89.3 The Current) TOP 10

Well my prediction was correct

But one other thing that crossed my mind about this, in thinking about the likely, pretty eye-rolling list that I anticipate, is that in 2016 it was 893 albums, 2017 893 Artists, so in 2018 it might be 893 songs, if they haven't already done one for Songs (I somehow think they did, but maybe it wasn't in this so called voting process? I can't remember).


893 Essential Songs

Submit your Top 10 Essential Songs — your favorite songs of all time!
Use this form to submit your 10 essential songs and enter the 893 Essential Songs giveaway between Tuesday, April 3 at 2 p.m. CDT and 11:59 p.m. CDT Monday, April 16, 2018.
One (1) winner will receive one (1) gift certificate redeemable at Amazon.com for $893.00. Winner must provide a signed prize acceptance and a W-9 before receiving prize. Three (3) back up names will be drawn.
Items with a red asteristk (*) are required.

Same deal as last year; per I don't pay attention nor listen to 89.3 for obvious reasons, I didn't realize they were doing another 1 of these for these dates, although per last year it began on April 4th, I suppose that would have been something to remember/plan.
So for 2019, it'll probably be April 1st or April 8th 2019 which are both Mondays. But Albums, Artists, Songs. 2019???? Career Discographies? Live Albums? although Career Discographies is basically the same thing as Artists.
I still think the thing to do is my idea posted last year. 89 minutes and 30 seconds for people who win a contest. Hell, even just 1 listener, although that doesn't occupy more than 1 day and just an isolated amount of time for that matter. If it were like 10 winners or more, than it could at least be done for those 90 minutes once-a-day. It would give reason to tune in then. Their issue would be, 24 hours in the day, and only 1.5 for the special reason to tune-in. Which might suggest more than once-per-day. Say like 10 times per day, and like 100 winners or something, lol.
Maybe that sounds far-fetched, but I know i would be interested in those playlists.
I suppose though if they are doing the Pledge Drive, the winner might get 89 minutes of music or even time for their own, per they would have to talk and beg for money they do during the Pledge Drive. Although I dunno if they could do it where the winners would have their 89 minutes AFTER THE PLEDGE DRIVE IS OVER, etc.

Anyway, that all being said, like the previous submissions, none of my songs or artists likely will end up in their 893 list. Well, not sure, but the only ones would be the obvious classic rock names, but the songs I picked, there's next to no chance for, other than maybe Zeppelin and Queen.
Link for MY list (below)

0. Judy Garland - Somewhere Over the Rainbow 

1. Rush - Cygnus X-1: Book Two: Hemispheres
2. Yes - The Gates of Delirium
3. Jethro Tull - Thick as a Brick
4. Marillion - Grendel
5. Genesis - The Cinema Show
6. Dream Theater - Scarred
7. Fates Warning - Still Remains
8. Pain of Salvation - The Perfect Element
9. Queen - The Prophet's Song
10. Led Zeppelin - Achilles Last Stand

11. Toy Matinee - Last Plane Out
12. Ours - The Worst Things Beautiful
13. dredg - The Canyon Behind Her
14. The Dear Hunter - His Hands Matched His Tongue
15. Oceansize - The Frame
16. Pink Floyd - Dogs

edit: Gonna publish this now and then Edit in more later I think per time right now.

edit 2:
So I suppose 1 idea as a Reaction-To the list of 893 Songs that I'm sure less than 30% will be
a) Songs I like
b) Artists I even think are okay or like

So what I may do is come up with I dunno, 500 SONGS let's say, with the interest to never repeat an Artist Twice. Although I suppose if I struggle to find 500 Artists with 1 song, which now thinking about it, shouldn't be all that hard, just time-consuming of course, I may consider more than 1 song per artist.

I kind of suspect 89.3 will do more than 1 song per artist, especially if they truly use the Voting results, which I'm pretty sure they do not 100%.

But as far as my vote, honestly I just threw it together to not invest hours upon days on it up until the deadline next week. Are those 10 or 15 songs above MY DEFINITIVE TOP 10 OR 15 SONGS??? HELL TO THE NO. But they certainly are 10 or 15 songs I love, and if I ever really made as close to a definitive Favorite Songs List, all of them would be very high.

Somewhere Over the Rainbow has been and likely always will remain my favorite song of all-time, largely pure childhood sentimentality and nostalgia. But I didn't vote for it per it probably will get more than enough votes to make it anyway. And it kind of goes into a different category for me, more like most cherished childhood song, etc.

The others though, and the rankings?..meh, I just threw them down and the numbers don't really mean a lot. Hemispheres over Gates of Delirium? lol..why maybe if I ever make a close-to definitive list, it'll just be UNRANKED or tiered or something. Will the React-To be THAT close-to-definitive list? Unlikely.

I suppose maybe 2 lists, if somehow time permits it. 1 being the 500+ Songs with only 1 artist? and the other is just honestly? taking as many favorite artists and puting 5-25 songs in a hat and see where the number goes. And then the whole issue of artist who have 1 amazing song, or 2 amazing songs, etc like Under the Influence of Giants or Aviatic or whatever.