Thursday, April 5, 2018

Dream the Electric Sleep - The Giants' Newground (2017-2018)

Release date May 18th, 2018

"We Smell the Blood" streaming there

Facebook (linking to original)

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1. Home
2. We Smell The Blood
3. Father Francis
4. This Is My Crowd
5. We’ll Se
6. The Stage
7. One Last Fix
8. It Will All Be Over Soon
9. Black Ink
10. The River Current
11. Sounds Like Magic
12. Interlude
13. Soulful
14. Astray
15. Head Out of the Clouds
16. Dirt Under Your Feet

this album was recorded 10 years ago, but never released. Odd, but the other bit in that story that is interesting:

"Dream The Electric Sleep are currently recording their new studio album, which is pencilled in for release some time in 2019."

I guess I am not sure what to expect sound-wise here. It may resemble their debut album Lost and Gone Forever and Heretics more than Beneath the Dark Wide Sky.
Should be cool to hear the touch ups. And 16 tracks? jeez. Maybe it's a concept album?

I suppose it's a Win/Win situation in that it is worth looking forward to their 2019 record as well.