Wednesday, August 31, 2016

The Woods Brothers - The Woods Brothers (2015-2016)

So this somewhat long awaited debut album from Southern California-based musicians Chris and Nick Woods finally was released last week. And I ordered my copy from CDBaby linked below and finally got it in the mail yesterday.

Of course Casey Crescenzo was pretty extensively involved with this along with a number of other musicians. The song "Terra Firma" came out last year and Casey does sing vocals on it along with some other things. And I won't lie, that track is very strong and still remains right now my favorite.

But I can say there is a lot of great stuff on here beyond it. With the extensive amounts of guest vocalists, it does remind me of a Neverending White Lights album (or the last couple of Battles albums? Ayreon? among some others). And the songs do vary, yet Casey and The Dear Hunter's influence/presence seems pretty apparent at points.

I guess musically, beyond TDH, I hear bands like Bend Sinister or The Reign of Kindo or even Timmy Sean, namely with the piano and synth-driven sections and drum work.

I do anticipate giving this album a good amount of time in the coming days/weeks, but at least I can say I'm already enjoying it and impressed with its flow, production (Casey has a knack for this), and consistency. And because of that it does add some intrigue for what they may do in the future.

1. Introduction 0:43    
2. Terra Firma  (feat. Casey Crescenzo) 3:25
3. The Beginning (feat. Tobias Forrest) 4:04     
4. One Foot Forward (feat. Frankie Pedano) 4:03    
5. My Enemy (feat. Morgan Jones) 4:08    
6. Interlude I 4:17    
7. Hunger for Power (feat. Elliot Yamin) 4:01    
8. Para Bellum (feat. Ciara Budds) 3:39    
9. War (feat. Jodie Schell Gilbert) 3:56    
10. Destruction (feat. Thomas Erak) 2:55    
11. Interlude II 2:08    
12. Hell's Garden (feat. The Zmed Brothers) 2:51    
13. Terra Nova (feat. Morgan Jones) 4:09