Friday, August 26, 2016

King's X @ The Fine Line 8/25/2016

13th show since August 26, 1996 (20 years ago today). All in Minnesota.

They still are fan-fucking-tastic live. Such energy, and vibe to the crowd. And the songs are almost always slightly if not somewhat different, which is great and they feel so much more *live*.

The local openers, Meridian Incident were quite good, sort of in a Tool with a Thrash or Power Metal vocal style in some ways. I'm thinking their singer reminds me of Thomas Englund from Evergrey and like a few other singers I can't recall yet.

But definitely a band to keep tabs on, and as it turns out, they have a debut album coming soon they worked for like 5 years on I guess. Also not surprising, their drummer, Adam Schmid is the same Adam Schmid from none other than Between Two Skies, so I can't say I'm surprised, but it's cool he has another gig going on...especially until that long awaited BTS album finally drops.

OvrFwrd also impressed in a cool proggy, instrumental way. They had some cool space/Floyd like jams that had some great moments.

And just to add to King's X, Vegetable was a huge highlight, for my Manic Moonlight-fandom. Such a great groove to it live.

The CONS: The upstairs area was EXCLUSIVE TO VIP. I have seen like 30 or 40 shows at The Fine Line, and other than the shows that the upstairs area was totally closed off, that area has always been available to go up to, and hopefully find a seat.

Not last night.

I may have to consider with TFL, to either get a VIP ticket, which is sad, or not go. Standing for 4.5 hours isn't acceptable, even though I've done it. And I hate to say it, but it makes me think of TFL sort of like The Quest used to be.

That and the talking which takes place during the music, namely the opening acts, and when you are further back. I guess it's per it being so close to the bar, but I still think it should be considered bunk for people who want to hear the music, but may not want to be so close to the stage. The bar just is close to that area, and so people will order drinks and babble on. Granted, it's happened upstairs as well when I have been there. So, it may be partially due to like The Cabooze, the people who attend shows there, not all that much for the music, which again is pathetic.

Groove Machine
The World Around Me
Flies and Blue Skies
(Thinking and Wondering) What I'm Gonna Do
Everybody Knows a Little Bit of Something
A Box
Over My Head
Over and Over
We Were Born to Be Loved

Go Tell Somebody