Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Ideology - Ideology (2015-2016)

This is a long-awaited debut album from this local Minnesota Progressive Metal band whose drummer, Charlie Engen, I've known and seen do these amazing performances at recitals the last few years.

Musically, this is very much in the vein of what I've been hoping to get from Painted in Exile or even like Native Construct last year. Progressive extreme Metal, with well-thought-out, flowing compositions that showcase chops and melody.

Between the Buried and Me fans very likely will love this.

I'll try and add more in here and/or YouTube, etc among other spots soon. But I'm really happy for Charlie and these guys for finally getting this released.

And they should play a show with other local bands like Gracepoint perhaps? Brice Plays Drums or any other of the excellent progressive bands in my hometown.  


Ideology cover art
1. Oxygen (feat. Hedras Ramos) 09:34
2. Synergy 01:39
3. Inhale (Attritionmen) 07:31
4. Exhale (Patefaction) 05:54
5. Circuitry 01:36
6. Bliss 05:56
7. Hazard 01:16
8. Eyes Up! 05:21