Friday, August 12, 2016

Marillion - F*** Everyone And Run (2015-2016)

8/12/16 11:32AM




edit: excerpt
"New Kings" is available to download for the Pledgemusic supporters.

I'm listening right now..liking it, although it's definitely a methodical, multi-part composition. Kind of reminds me of Ocean Cloud in some ways.

I'm sure I'll love it, especially with more listenings.

edit: loving the middle Rothery section..M-E-L-A-N-C-H-O-L-Y.

6/30/16 10:35PM


1. El Dorado (i) Long-Shadowed Sun
2. El Dorado (ii) The Gold
3. El Dorado (iii) Demolished Lives
4. El Dorado (iv) F E A R
5. El Dorado (v) The Grandchildren of Apes
6. Living in F E A R
7. The Leavers (i) Wake Up in Music
8. The Leavers (ii) The Remainers
9. The Leavers (iii) Vapour Trails in the Sky
10. The Leavers (iv) The Jumble of Days
11.  The Leavers (v) One Tonight
12.  White Paper
13.  The New Kings (i) Fuck Everyone and Run
14.  The New Kings (ii) Russia’s Locked Doors
15.  The New Kings (iii) A Scary Sky
16.  The New Kings (iv) Why Is Nothing Ever True?

17.  The Leavers (vi) Tomorrow’s New Country

I know this was shared a couple of days ago, but I never got around to bumping it.

Of course Lucy Jordache's comments are glowing about this record, and I am maybe slightly more optimistic about it. 3 *suites*

El Dorado (5)
The Leavers (6)
The New Kings (4)

15 of the 17 tracks. I might wonder if they could resemble the "Marbles" suite, save for the fact those suites or tracks were more like segue pieces, movements, etc.

4/7/16 7:15AM

Facebook Link

Our new album will be released on September 9th 2016. Final date for pre-orders is 17th June. Thanks to everyone who has pre-ordered so far. We are very excited about this album and can't wait to share it with you.


I'm assuming the title is actually "Fear" despite some of the cryptic way that pic shows. And the "F***" Fuck?..likely. Some fans though joked it could be Fish, and Fish could be on this album which both would be a pleasant surprise and funny at the same time. But, wishful thinking/dreaming, lol.

edit: The title is actually "F*** Everyone And Run" per Twitter (they replied to My Reposting. Good to clear that up!)

September 9th, 2 weeks and 1 day before my wedding, lol. And there likely will be a "Marillion" table at my wedding.

At any case, I'm pretty stoked to hear this of course. September 9th, like my wedding, can't come soon enough in a lot of ways.