Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Random Artist Feature: Genesis

8/10/16 6:21AM

Parts 2 and 3. A phone call derailed part 2, but it also forced it to not be as long, etc. I also am borrowing slightly from Ministry of Music's "Album Review" title.

As I mention and label them, these are now called "Artist Review" as it sort of works better. I also include some comments about other channels and upcoming Artist Reviews.

I unfortunately forgot to mention something about Daryl Stuermer. O well.

A Trick of the Tail
Wind and Wuthering
Seconds Out
Spot the Pigeon
And Then There Were Three...
Duke (2)
Live at the Theater Royal 5-4-1980

Live at the Royal Theater 5-4-1980
Revelatory Genesis 78-80

not shown, but discussed
Invisible Touch
We Can't Dance
Calling All Stations + Kevin Gilbert

6/28/16 4:23PM

So this is the start of a few bigger name collection/vinyl/anecdotes series on YouTube.

There's a deeper commentary about what I'm trying with these right now, etc, but I'll just say for now, I am hoping by making videos about more well known artists, these videos (and thus other videos I've made/will make by lesser known artists) will be seen.

Why in a series? obviously, the discographies are so long, the videos would end up 30 or more mins.

Why not all at once? I'm just sampling here..and it's kind of a cool, more *random* way to do this.