Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Steven Wilson: Question and Answer (Early August 2016)

I actually haven't finished the entire thing, but a lot of it. And and I'm up against the clock. But I'll try and include a few points:

-New album..will include more electronic elements, but still be Rock. Also feature the female vocalist Ninet Tayeb? from HCE and 4 1/2 (+ at many live shows)

-he doesn't hate Auto-Tune, just how it's used, lol.

-he doesn't foresee a SW cruise, but also he might be up for a 1-off festival of all his projects and bands.

-there may be another Storm Corrosion album, but maybe not. Him and Mikael may work together again but may never share what they do, while hanging out, drinking wine and making some kind of music.

-He would like to look into doing music for movies, perhaps after the current record he's making right now.....Deadwing movie? (a question I would love to pose to him, although his answer probably wouldn't be all that different than what he says in this video).

edit: the whole thing is here on YouTube as well.