Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Random Artist Feature: Rush

8/10/16 6:25AM

Part 3. I should make a part 4 and finally wrap this one up soon, but I can't be sure if that will be next week or more so, down the road as I don't have any of those albums on vinyl. I may just wait until I do, although Snakes and Arrows I wouldn't plan on it.

Power Windows
Hold Your Fire
Force Ten 12"
A Show of Hands
Vapor Trails (Remix)

7/19/16 8:02PM

Permanent Waves
Moving Pictures
Exit...Stage Left
New World Man/Vital Signs (live) 7"
The Spirit of Radio "7
New World Man/Vital Signs (live) 12"
Grace Under Pressure
Distant Early Warning/Between the Wheels 12"

16 mins unfortunately, and Part 3 came out longer. Unsure if I want to remake that 1. 
There is a lot to talk about Rush though and the fact I have a bunch of additional pieces besides just the standard studio albums.

6/28/16 4:49PM

Again, Part 1 of this new retro prog favorites, etc.