Friday, August 5, 2016

8/4/15: Bubblemath w/ Faun Fables+Paul Fonfara @ TripleRock

So I saw Bubblemath, or at least 4/5 of the band perform last night at The Triple Rock.

The Triple Rock, probably still my favorite venue for Rock shows in Minnesota, however last evening, for some reason the main stage and whole standing or "pit" area was curtained off, I guess per the projected size of the crowd for a somewhat short-notice/little promoted show.

But the crowd size was easily 50 or more people, which I guess my sense is the main stage and standing area could have been fine to use.

I dunno.

But Bubblemath, who I think it has been around 13 years since I'd seen, last time from memory was at The Cabooze in 2003. But their last show was in 2005 at The Triple Rock as well, but not a show I attended.

Their singer Jonathan Smith was not there, and so they played an hour I'd guess, of all-new, all-instrumental music. Music that will not in fact be on their follow-up album I guess, but perhaps on Album #3?

What was it like? verrry busy, technical, epic, and in synchonization. Very jazzy. But like their other music, it definitely was democratic in that no member seems to take over the spotlight more than any other. And many times they play in chorus together with a rhythm or a riff.

I guess if the early Bubblemath sounds at times like Gentle Giant meets Devo, this is more along the lines of Brand X or even like the most recent The Mercury Tree stuff.

Busy, intricate, methodical, etc..but it seemed every piece has moments to enjoy and get into, even if they at times took some time to get to.

Faun Fables: I enjoyed to a point. 1 of the guys from Sleepytime Gorilla Museum's recent project that is very Acoustic and almost Renaissance-festival kind of stylings. Folk in nature, etc. Some diverse instrumentation and blending lead female vocals with male vocals at times. And they had some of the odd percussion at points like SGM.

Paul Fonfara as well, not bad. The pieces with the samples and layers of instrumentation worked best. The singer/songwriter work, I guess my feeling is I can take or leave.

But overall, great to see Bubblemath. Their new album very well may finally come out in the coming year or less (by the end of 2016 maybe). And it may be digitally released, at least just initially.

I do know there are a lot of the prog fans who are clamoring for it, so hopefully that Chinese Democracy/Smile like wait will finally end somewhat soon.
oh: and 1 of the coolest things about last night was how it did feel in some ways like a REUNION of some kind, seeing many people I hadn't in many years. From Maureen and Marshall from Run at the Dog, to obviously the Bubblemath guys and many of their friends-fans, etc

Now only if we could get Bubblemath to play a show with The Galactic Cowboy Orchestra, Lehto and Wright and/or Brice Plays Drums among other local Minnesota prog groups, that would be quite an event as well.