Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Cool story about 2 Metal Kids: UNLOCKING THE TRUTH (their band)

7/13/16 10:41PM

This is for this band called Unlocking the Truth and I just saw the documentary Breaking a Monster this evening at the Trylon Cinema in Minneapolis. Good film/documentary in a lot of ways.

My criticism of it includes a couple of things

1) Why was there next to no exposure to THE METAL SCENE. The real gauge about their music is really how the Metal scene, Metal listeners, Metal fans, etc take to their music. It seemed good, but we didn't get much of it

2) The whole MAJOR LABEL NIGHTMARE contract, etc. With it seems countless of examples in history of bands signing a deal to a major label and then things go down hill, etc. Why did they do it? I suppose vulnerability/naivete, etc.

And the people at Sony when they signed that contract, especially that woman who kept talking and trying to appease to the naive stereotypes of these kids, lol. BLECH. She, nor more or less all the executives didn't seem to know ANYTHING about Metal, about their tastes, or just the kids themselves.

It's like did they ever hear of an album called The Shaming of the True released by Kevin Gilbert? Or the large numbers of bands who get into legal issues with their label? Prince?, lol.

But issues aside, it is a cool documentary, showing how things can escalate and change almost overnight for just some normal inner city kids who happen to like and play Metal, a style of music most of their peers don't care for.

Their drummer Jarad, I think I liked the most as he seemed the most down to earth of the 3, and also the most about emphasizing their music 1st.

Now their sound overall, in the film I like the 1 single they showed them play live and record in"Monster," but it's clear Slipknot and some of the doom influences have shown up in their newer music, which they just released their debut album Chaos on June 17th. The 1st video for it "Take Control" is kind of a Slipknot tribute, just with the masks.

I actually think in seeing their evolution, it would have been cool if they just were an instrumental band. They'd be more unique musically, just as they are in race/culture, being all-black and kids doing Metal. But had they not, they probably would not have received the exposure they did, which is sad, but true. I suppose seeing someone like Tosin from Animals as Leaders being Black and playing in an all-instrumental band, but gradually getting more popular, would likely have had them take a similar trajectory if they were just instrumental.

Also odd how the dude who helped them get signed and "discovered" and is/was their manager, Alan Sacks, was a co-creator on the TV show Welcome Back Cotter, along with discovering the likes of The Jonas Brothers and I thought he said Demi Levato.

1/13/14 12:57AM
This may be worth sharing, not that so much because it's a story about 2 kids who like and are playing Metal. Which that is all well and good I suppose, namely because their sound reminds me more of some of the thrash and old school stoner/doom metal.

But the fact they are 2 minority kids, being black or African American. And they don't care the fact their peers may not be into Metal.
Is it a stereotype? sure. And would it be good if it changed aka more minorities or just African American kids liked Metal? certainly.

Would I expect to see a lot more kids like them soon? not really, but stories like this can often inspire and surprise people over time.

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