Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Updated PROG METAL Discussion with Sam Dunn+Dan Briggs (BTBAM)

Very cool discussion that was done last December per a live stream. Sam Dunn of course of Metal Evolution and documentaries like Metal: A Headbanger's Journey, Beyond the Lighted Stage (Rush) and Flight 666 (Iron Maiden).

And it is nice to see Dan Briggs in there from Between the Buried and Me and his opinion/taste/knowledge of a lot of these bands.

This could be a much more extensive discussion than the 30+ mins they did this, and many of the comments, additions and subtractions I agree with overall. Even in cases where I'm not a fan of the bands.

Gojira and The Dillinger Escape Plan are questionable, and the bands I mentioned below may be more warranted in a lot of respects.

It reminds me of that entry I wrote about Mean Deviation from Jeff Wagner.

Also stuff like the Post Metal stuff (Long Distance Calling, Russian Circles, East of the Wall), and even someone mentioned Karnivool, and while I would agree with them, you'd have to add the likes of dredg, Fair to Midland or even Oceansize, even if the "Metal" tag doesn't fully fit. I guess call it the umbrella of progressive metal which  bands that are heavy rock bands sort of find their way into in many respects.

I dunno. I wish I had seen this when it 1st was made last December. And I did subscribe. I wonder if they ever made a follow-up just about the progressive extreme metal, or the 1 comment about the different "waves" of progressive metal. The 3rd being sort of the djent stuff and stuff that's come out in the last 10 years or less. A band like The Contortionist I suppose who only use djent sparingly.

Also Ne Obliviscaris.

Here's my comment:

very cool discussion! I agree with a lot of it. Thank you for adding Pain of Salvation! My suggestions: Shadow Gallery (if Symphony X is, they definitely should be included) SikTh maudlin of the Well King's X (and Galactic Cowboys) Subterranean Masquerade Orphaned Land Angra (more Power Metal, with progressive elements) Burst (if Mastodon is included, they should be as well) Three (if Coheed and Cambria is included, they should be as well) Superior
Zero Hour
Spiral Architect
Green Carnation
Sculptured (and Agalloch)