Friday, July 15, 2016

Bruce Peninsula - Don't Wake the Giant [1B] (+Sleeping Giant OST)

Great to hear new music from these guys, a band I have enjoyed more and more, but it seems like lost some steam after their last record Open Flames in 2011, and then the great epic Of Songs in 202.

And those along with their other work are some of the most infectious releases over the last 10 years.

I just purchased this new single and the Sleeping Giant OST as well. I suppose I may yearn to see the film soon as well.

How does this sound compares to their previous work? I haven't checked out the full Soundtrack yet, but the single "Don't Wake the Giant" is still them, but with a little electronic emphasis. The soundtrack may be more *cinematic* naturally.

My biggest question is with Neil Haverty and his vocals, which were a big part of their early music and on A Mountain is a Mouth, I wonder if his role as a vocalist has changed or is in transition. Perhaps a bit like Jon Oliva with Savatage in the 90's, etc. I dunno.