Wednesday, July 6, 2016

REACT TO:'s Top 10 Male Falsettos

Voting Results

I'd love to have the time to break this down more in detail, and truth be, I just skimmed it without sound just to see the results.

But obviously the biggest issue I have with this list is having Thom Yorke anywhere on it. I've said it a million times; the guy can't sing. His voice is highly NASAL and nauseating to listen to, and he almost always sounds like he's high and baked. Y-U-C-K.

The including of Jeff Buckley I am happy to see, and rightfully so as he could wail with the best.

Matt Bellamy as an honorable mention is nice, but given he was in there, he should have replaced Yorke and/or a few others.

Having Prince and Michael Jackson on there is fine, but I'm a little surprised MJ isn't higher and higher than Prince.


For one Freddie Mercury, lol.

But of course the failure that always has and always will happen in lack of exposure to 2 huge names to me.

Jimmy Gnecco..more or less the greatest living and/or working singer today, especially with Falsettos. The man can wail better than most of that list.

Andre Matos..just listen to Holy Land and Ritual from Shaman, and there's no questioning both his soaring voice and vocal lines.

And I suppose to add to that, the more well known Metal names like Bruce Dickinson and especially Rob Halford.

 I'd even include Darroh from Fair to Midland in there. Both an amazing Falsetto and unique or original in plenty of ways.

edit: and I'm sure the Fiancee would include the likes of George Michael and especially Mr.Smooth and Blue-Eyed Soul himself, Michael McDonald (which I also would not have issue with).

So, of course Watchmojo and their lemming millennial voters fail again, but that's par for the course anyway.