Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Nordic Giants: Post Rock w/chamber + [female] vox + samples + electronics

Dismantle Suns cover art

1. Little Bird 05:36
2. Mechanical Minds 04:47
3. Strangest Tides (Feat. Heymun) 05:08
4. Dark Clouds Mean War 06:01

Build Seas cover art

1. Violent Lights (Feat. Alex Hedley) 04:12
2. Drumfire 03:53
3. Neotenie 04:52
4. Between Two Worlds (Feat. Freyja) 07:41

What the hell KScope? yet ANOTHER band, like iamthemorning, that appear to be right up my alley on their label.

Holy shit this is some atmospheric, incredibly dreamy stuff! And this (British but at also East Indian-based?) band, it appears are taking the Pure Reason Revolution/Revere approach of releasing a bunch of singles and EP's before their 1st full-length, which it sounds like they are working on? or maybe close to finished and I imagine may get released this Season.

Some stuff here about it on their website

Some of this stuff reminds me of maybe 2 bands, 1 being the late/great Post/Dreamy Rock band from Portland, Oregon Forest Park, but maybe even more, Canadian chillwave/dream/post rock band who I last heard about in 2012, Memoryhouse.

edit: They also remind me a fair amount of the band *Shels, mainly the percussion, vocals, and use of grand sounding trumpet almost as a texture. And when they use electronics, they can sound a bit like God is an Astronaut (or Toria).

That seems vague. I suppose I hear elements of many other "post" bands (Sigur Ros?, *Shels? God is an Astronaut), including KScope band Nosound I suppose. But regardless, I am rather intrigued by this group in just hearing some of their music on the latest KScope Podcast and now online.

Love the samples (although the ones that include yelling are hit and miss sometimes).

Damn this stuff is dynamic and also very sublime.