Monday, November 10, 2014

Marillion & Fans: The Movie (2015)

11/10/14 10:16PM

Kickstarter aka "Preorder" + a detailed background on Jeff Denis and his experience as a Marillion fan.

10/2/14 12:30PM


well apparently the 17 minute short film embedded  below has been pulled for now. Why? unsure, but perhaps having something to do with the Feature (distribution and whatnot maybe?).

if it reappears, I'll try and re-embed it or link it.

9/26/14 9:53AM
Per and this story

I guess the below nearly 17 minute video is an excerpt to what will be a full-length feature documentary coming in March 2015.

Just looking at dates and some Youtube clips, I suspect this film-maker (and Marillion fan I suspect), ended up changing some plans for the footage he shot at the 2011 Montreal Fan Weekend. It was to be a short film only, titled "Marillion: A Visible Band," but perhaps due to delays and wanting to put together something longer after all the great footage, he decided to just do that for the short and make a full-length titled "Marillion & Fans: The Movie."

Semantics really, anyway. As a fanatic lifelong fan since being introduced to Marillion, I certainly am looking forward to this. My obvious envy/jealousy and disappointment is of course I am not in it, or involved in some way. But, as I'm not sure how many times on this blog, but certainly a handful of times on some of the forums I've expressed my issue with the Fan Weekend.

Pretty much entirely due to cost. I know of course after seeing the band or Lucy Jordache address it a few times, about how Montreal is the best time and cost-effective way to hold a Fan Weekend in North America. I.e, parts of the States themselves adds more. But, I have always wondered why Las Vegas couldn't compare. But it frankly, just doesn't.

From my perspective, it'll run easily up to $1000 or more, and if by some chance the gf wanted to go, double that. But if she didn't, I just have never been able to justify it sadly, even when they played Brave in 2013? and 1 or 2 other occasions.

But, one of these years I may just bite the bullet and go. Earning more doesn't hurt (but at the same time, needing more $ for things as well I suppose).

But as far as this 17 minute short film, and the more extensive film coming in March, it certainly captures that fan experience that I love or have loved when I did see them. Not only seeing them play, but mixing with the fans. Sadly, back in 2012, I didn't do a ton of it per time (and the gf's wanting to get home, etc).

It kind makes me want to start posting more Marillion kool-aid inspired posts in here soon. Maybe a discography summary or something, or a top 30 songs list maybe. I dunno. As much as I love and talk about the 100's of other bands in here, they do still hold that spot as the most important band to me, historically. Which I've explained many times with some different details. But I have not ever really dissected so many of their specific works, namely the music that was released before starting this blog in 2006.

A thought to ponder, perhaps even I could find the time to make a video about it on YouTube (we'll see, as most of my attempts to make videos have had issues with time, editing, or some kind of poor amount of prep or something else messed up with the video like mentioning incorrect information or forgetting something, etc).

But at a minimum I'll try and bump this entry up when more information about the full length film comes out. But the 17 minute short is a nice introduction for now.

Marillion: A visible band from Jeff Denis on Vimeo.