Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Pain of Salvation - 1979 [Official Video]

not a bad video, for a decent song from Road Salt 2. Very 70's-ish naturally. The video might be home video from Daniel's family when he was a kid, or someone else in the band or someone the band knew, just observing/guessing.

On Pain of Salvation recently:

I don't talk much about live albums in here, mainly because most live albums aren't as impressive or addictive as the studio releases. I.e. why I never got around to posting about Pain of Salvation's new mostly acoustic live? record Falling Home.

But when I get a chance, I hopefully will give that a go, as they covered Dio's "Holy Diver" and some of their less popular tracks from their more recent records "Spitfall" being another one.

I might add did really love 12:5 though.

edit: well I have heard it and it isn't actually a LIVE record (I wasn't aware, silly me); but sort of an acoustically arranged compilation of some of their more recent tracks and some covers including Holy Diver and a Lou Reed tune titled "Perfect Day."

Plus the title track "Falling Home" is actually a brand new tune.

So what Falling Home is a lot like, is the Marillion album Less is More, which is also a compilation of older songs that are acoustically re-arranged and recorded; along with 1 new tune.

But I guess I can say after hearing it, I was more impressed than I expected and was reminded in a good way of 12:5.

Anyway, Pain of Salvation are still active, even if their lineup has only Daniel Gildenlow in resemblance to the band I was obsessed with a decade ago and saw play live 3 times. But given Daniel is still the heart and mind behind them, I still keep tabs on them; but I just don't have the hopes and expectations from them like I used to.

The Road Salt records, are not terrible, just so dramatically different, that I never attached myself to them for the most part. By the miracle of time and namely when a new studio record comes, I may have to revisit them again, namley RS 2 as I recall enjoying a lot of it, just not having a lot of time given when it was released and so many other records taking priority said year/season.

And I still would love to see them live again, especially after the show in May 2013 at Station 4 in St.Paul, MN  had to be canceled due to Daniel's battle of Pneumonia if I recall, ended their North American tour not that far into it.

Their return to North America tour recently did not bring them back unfortunately, but that did not come as a huge shock. I wonder if Nathan aka SwordLord wasn't to book them again due to venues and their already confirmed Tour Schedule. I dunno.