Friday, November 21, 2014

iamthemorning - Belighted (2013-2014)

Belighted cover art

1. Intermission IX 01:20
2. The Howler 03:57
3. To Human Misery 04:18
4. Intermission X 00:53
5. Romance 03:01
6. The Simple Story 03:30
7. Intermission XI 01:21
8. 5/4 03:50
9. Crowded Corridors 08:44
10. Gerda 04:52
11. Os Lunatum 04:31
12. Intermission XII 02:36
13. K. O. S. 06:06
14. Reprise Of Light/No Light 05:16
15. Intermission XIII 00:58

I'd like to write an extensively detailed review about this band and album, but I can't promise that. But I do want to post something, however short or not this is.

I recall hearing about iamthemorning at least a year ago or more, but don't even recall if I checked any of their music out. But this past Season, this album received a fair amount of buzz among progressive rock fans. That and I recall it was per the KScope Podcast and them announcing the signing to KScope sometime in the last year, which brought their name to me.

I eventually checked a little of this album out, and kind of forgot about them. But then I think it was around the time I checked out Marketa Irglova's new LP Muna, I also finally gave this whole record a go. And I remember liking it, but also thinking people were overhyping it a bit. And given the receny, thinking Muna was similar but better. However, now I'm not so sure.

But in going through the end of Season records, I gave it another shot the other day and I must say, I am a fair amount more into it and the band.

What are they like? they use very tasteful string and other chamber or classical arrangements along with very clean, delicate female vocals. Which on paper is nice, but I suppose it is how they are written/composed which stand out. The dynamics, crescendos, twists and turns at points. They even use samples on the 2nd track "The Howler" which is from an episode of  Alfred Hitchcock Presents titled "Human Interest Story"(by Googling "Howard Wilcox" an "TV Episode" reveals it).

This album and band combine very lush arranged songs that segue very well with the interludes or "Intermissions."

I feel bad I slept on this album and band this year, but better late than never. It's hardly the 1st nor last time this kind of late/pre-end-of-Season post changes with review/revisiting of an album I was not as high on earlier in the Season.

iamthemorning I guess are just a duo of Gleb Kolyadin & Marjana Semkina. From St.Petersburg, which sadly is quite a ways away, to hope for a tour of the US. But who knows, maybe they could open for KScope labelmates Steven Wilson or Anathema at some point in North America. But until then, enjoying this record and their previous work will have to do.

Favorite tracks: 5/4, Gerda, K.O.S. Os Lunatum, The Howler