Sunday, November 23, 2014

Dream the Electric Sleep - Heretics (2013-2014)

Heretics cover art

1. Heretics 04:50
2. Elizabeth 08:22
3. Utopic 06:38
4. To Love Is To Leave 08:01
5. The Name You Fear 06:09
6. It Must Taste Good 08:31
7. I Know What You Are 06:42
8. Fist To Face 04:15
9. Lost Our Faith 02:05
10. How Long We Wait 09:28
11. Ashes Fall 08:07

I'm again not going to go into great detail as this is another case of a record/band I slept on this past Season, but knew about, and didn't finally give the attention it probably deserved until now. And I still need to give it more time, of course, but I will only add the vague amounts of observations about it in this initial posting. Maybe an edit coming later?..I know how I habitually do that.

But this band from Lexington, KY and their new album Heretics is definitely a nice blend of modern progressive rock, some retro or classic rock, and post rock.

I did read a fair amount about them among progressive rock forums and this past season, which is how I even knew and became curious about them. I recall 1 or 2 reviews saying there was a lot of good moments on this album, but it was a bit lengthly. Which I wouldn't disagree with, but I don't find it drags as much as I suspected it would.

The singer, sounds like a few different singers I enjoy, but like the singer from Grimus, he sounds probably most like Jonah from The Velvet Teen and maybe even more, Evan Konrad of Bed of Stars and whose sung with Neverending White Lights.

Favorites: probably the track "Elizabeth" stands out the most. Rather epic and a climax that really works well.

But I'll confess, it'll end up the hopefully soon to come Season Ending Countdown, but definitely higher than I would have put it a week ago. I feel bad though, like with iamthemorning's album, I slept on it all season, and thus I didn't get to experience it during this/its season of release, but so be it.. As I said aboiut Belighted, definitely better late than never.

Also given they are from Kentucky, I wonder if they ever do any touring, even in the Mid/Upper Midwest? because seeing them live might be a little more realistic than seeing iamthemorning sadly.