Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Introducing TUXEDO (Mayer Hawthorne + Jake One)

Official video for their song "Do It."

Tuxedo is a relaively new musical project/collaboration between Mayer Hawthorne and Jake One. I guess Jake One is known for his work with the Doomtree label, which is a well known Hip-Hop label from my hometown of Minneapolis, MN.

Tuxedo per a recent interview Mayer Hawthorne gave when he did a live stream on Yahoo below, mentioned how Tuxedo's debut album is looking to be released in February 2015. And per the video, it seems it'll be released on Stones Throw which is the label Mayer originally was with, and includes ex-Apes and Androids live performer Morgan Z's Chrome Canyon project.

Musically, Tuxedo differs from Mayer's solo work in some ways, sounding more funk and electronic I guess. Take Mayer's track "Designer Drug" I suppose their music resembles.

Also this new song/video "Do It" I like how the lyric "Her Favorite Song" is mentioned many times, which of course is the title of the track that received maybe the most exposure from his LP from 2013, Where Does This Door Go. Connection?..sort of Beatles or Zeppelin-esque if there is any.

Also "Do It" and the Nike catch phrase "Just Do It" keep coming to my mind, namely also Mayer's interest in Basketball Shoes (Air Jordan's I recall), although I suppose the odds of there being any connection with the title of this new song and Nike probably isn't likely.