Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Revere - Pledgemusic Campaign

8/14/12 10:03AM
3 days left + 32% still to go. C'mon @REVERE fans, they need your help to make what surely will be an awesome new album! http://www.pledgemusic.com/artists/revere

they just added another update/video go check it out and consider pledging.

8/3/12 5:57AM
Bumping this thread as they are still looking to achieve their goal on pledgemusic.com They are are 56% with 14 days left. They did something cool by sharing the 1st of 5 parts of a soundtrack .

And it sounds sublime, but it's Revere, so I'm hardly surprised. But I sure hope they get a push the last 2 weeks here so they can reach their goal and make this next record of theirs. If you don't know them, check out their debut album Hey Selim! or any of their singles on Youtube, Spotify, Grooveshark. and you find it's worth helping them out to make this next record.

Also they have a new song up called "Keep This Channel Open" on their Reverb Nation page which is different, but really intriguing.

EXCLUSIVE DOWNLOAD: Revere scored Film Soundtrack... 1/5
about 1 hour ago
During the recording of Hey! Selim, Stephen composed the score for a debut short film by writer and director Maurizio Von Trapp, which was recorded and mixed with Hey! Selim producer, Dave Moore. The film, “1 or 2 Things I Don’t Know About Him” portrayed a conversation between two lovers on Hampstead Heath…

As an exclusive free download to Pledgers we will be offering all five pieces composed for this soundtrack throughout the day…

1. Opening Credits

5/22/12 9:21AM

REVERE have written an album’s worth of new material, some of which we’ve been playing live over the last few months. We’re itching to get back in to the studio so we can get these new songs to you as quickly as possible, but we need your help to do it…

So far, REVERE have been able to do everything we do thanks to the ongoing and massively generous support of YOU, our fans and friends, who have helped fund, record, film and starred in several of our music videos as well as made our first album, Hey! Selim a reality.

But for this, our second album we want to do something REALLY AMBITIOUS and we really want you to be a part of it, from start to finish! Achieving the 100% target of this Pledge campaign will get us well on our way, and we’re more than grateful for any and all contributions, but the more we raise the further we can go into achieving something really exciting, so please don’t stop at the 100% mark…

We’ll be updating you throughout the process so you can literally watch and listen the songs develop and morph into the final versions which will grace the album…

Once more, thank you so much! Your support literally does mean everything to us…!


not finding en EMBED code for the video there, but this Youtube version hopefully will work.

I pledged the "Signed Set list" option the other day. Interesting the differences in this site, Pledgemusic.com and Kickstarter. It seems they give more options at identical pledge amounts, and perhaps even more TIME to reach your support goal.

I'm not sure if the fact Revere are from the UK has anything to do with why they used that site. But regardless, they are seemingly headed towards their goal at 31% with 87 days left.

Hey Selim! took a long time to come out, and was pretty impressive for a debut album. Although I do think they are a band I personally could like even more, as well as a lot more people just to hear. Their music is accessible enough. But it all depends on exposure, timing and expectations I guess.