Monday, August 13, 2012

"Somebodies: A YouTube Orchestra" (a remix of covers of the Gotye song)

This ain't bad, at least in spots. But I will repeat as I have in the past a few things.

1) The Walk off the Earth cover, which is likely still pathetically, the most viewed/known cover of this song, is probably the worst (and the most pretentious to not only hear, but WATCH)

2) This is great and everything, but like Walk off the Earth, it would impress me and I'm sure a lot of others, if these artists would actually show some evidence of being able to write their own original songs 1st and foremost. And for that matter, use the time they spent recording the cover, to try and write an original song instead.

3) The man's name still should be learned how to be pronounced correctly. It's "Gore-Tih-Yuh." or "Gore-tih-Yeah" (or at least "Gore-tih-Yay," instead of "Goh-tee-yay" how seemingly 90% or more of the globe says it). But the odds of this ever happening now are minimal at best.

4) I'm not sure on why this is being referred to as a "YouTube Orchestra." I guess maybe if it were "The YouTube Orchestra" that might be worse, because my cousin is a violinist who actually auditioned (and performed with/had his work included in-with a recording for) what was referred to as "The YouTube Orchestra" not that long ago. And I'm pretty sure many if not all of the clips from this remix of covers are not members of said "YouTube Orchestra." But that is just a guess, maybe primarily based on the kinds of groups my cousin typically has played with. And how "The YouTube Orchestra" he was involved with, was somewhat exclusive if I recall.

That all being said, I will admit to actually being curious about a couple of these. The 1 female vocalist at the end, genuinely sounds like she has a good voice. And even the guitarist shown whose clip follows her I'm curious about.