Monday, August 20, 2012

British Theatre - Dyed in the Wool Ghost [EP] (2012)

8/20/12 1:55AM

The whole EP now streaming/available to purchase, etc.

8/6/12 9:42AM
article here with a Soundcloud stream of the new track "As the Leaves Are to the Limbs."

Direct Link on Soundcloud

7/31/12 10:12AM

facebook post

We've just completed mixing our second EP. It's called 'Died In The Wool Ghost'. It will be with you soon. X

This supposedly won't be the only thing they plan to put out this year (or rather soon) as they have mentioned releasing a full-length,

edit: which according to a listing on here shows it may be Self-Titled. But thanks to hearing directly from the group themselves here via twitter, that may not be the case. is a good source for information, which I admittedly use and contribute to frequently, but stuff like album titles, artwork, release dates are never 100% accurate. Although if they ever set it up even more so like Wikipedia, it would be much more easily edited (but they don't given the admins there restrict approvals and edits a fair amount).

Here's a few recent videos with I imagine some of the material for this EP and/or said debut full-length.

of course for those unfamiliar, this is 1-of, but likely the most attention-laden project coming from the Ashes of the end of Oceansize. It's rather Post-Rock like, but in a good way overall. The EP that came out earlier this year wasn't bad, but almost a tease. Hopefully more of this work will give us 'Size fans a better sense of what this project will be like.