Wednesday, May 30, 2012

My Minds Own Melody (2012)

5/30/12 1:19AM
Go Here.

Sounds and looks potentially amazing, but why the Embed Code is Disabled is pretty baffling.

This is what Daniel Johns is doing now that Silverchair is on indefinite hibernation.

Since this is both based around music and film, it probably needs an entry on each blog.

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Watch 'My Mind's Own Melody' trailer with original music by Daniel Johns

'My Mind's Own Melody' is a cinematic modern musical created by Josh Wakely and Daniel Johns. A full feature film has been developed based on the concept but this trailer is for a short-film version. Keep an eye out for news of limited international screenings over the months ahead.

A film by Josh Wakely, original music and lyrics by Daniel Johns (Silverchair), featuring the talents of Golden Globe winner Lisa Gerrard, starring David Lyons, 'My Mind's Own Melody' is a Grace films Production.