Monday, May 28, 2012

Mother Falcon - Little Documentary

In looking, I did post something about this band back in February and their record Alhambra from 2011. This is a nice little behind the scenes, getting to know them kind of thing. Although I can't help but give a bit of my feeling about it.

1) This series is called "American Hipster Presents" Mother Falcon are for American Hipsters? their music is hipster? eww-kay...

2) they talked about their background with classical music. Igor Stravinsky founded punk rock? I personally don't hear much if anything in more or less all Punk Rock from Stravinsky. Stravinsky was a big influence on a band like YES and Rick Wakeman, which makes a HELLUVA A LOT MORE SENSE than pretty much all Punk Rock.

But overall, it's an interesting piece. It does add to my thoughts of starting another blog or just an account on youtube or something named "anti-hipster" or something like that. But that may be a ways down the road.