Sunday, May 6, 2012

The Beach Boys - That’s Why God Made The Radio (2012)

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1 Think About the Days
2 That's Why God Made the Radio
3 Isn't It Time
4 Spring Vacation
5 The Private Life of Bill And Sue
6 Shelter
7 Daybreak Over the Ocean
8 Beaches in Mind
9 Strange World
10 From There to Back Again
11 Pacific Coast Highway
12 Summer's Gone

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The cover art doesn't really seem like it would be real given it just says the name of the 1st single. "That's Why God Made the Radio" isn't a bad tune actually. But I am hardly expecting SMILE or Pet Sounds here. But, it does have Brian Wilson at least, so I will check it out. It drops on June 5th, same day I'm seeing Ramona Falls live.