Friday, August 19, 2011

Gotye - Making Mirrors (2011)

In just reading a topic on 1 forum I go to regularly, I noticed a lot of discussion about this song "Somebody I Used to Know" (featuring Kimbra) and this guy, who goes by the solo moniker Gotye. Which I want-to, and may always pronounced "Got-ya" but I guess it's pronounced "Gore-ti-yeah" lol.

Today I checked out Gore-tih-yeah's last album from 2006 Like Drawing Blood and liked a fair amount of it. Although I'm not sure how much he plays, and what is sampled or programmed. Namely the drums. But regardless, many good tunes on it, some instrumentals and cool sound clips from things. Almost reminding me of artists like DJ Shadow or even Stateless a bit. But also music like Peter Gabriel (an obvious, almost blatant comparison), Imogen Heap and maybe even George Michael on one or two tracks.

So, now as I'm home on a Friday afternoon, I'm checking out this new record of his, which I may not find to be as good as his last record, but I'm so new to his music, that's pretty unclear right now.

But I can say, that single is receiving a lot of praise, and frankly, for good reason. The lyrics and vocal lines especially are ear-worm worthy, and relate-able. It may end up as one of the best songs of 2011.

oh and also Karnivool, of all bands, covered one of his songs off Like Drawing Blood, "The Only Way" clipping cymbals and all. Not all that surprising though, given Ian Kenny of Karnivool also is in the more pop-oriented band Birds of Tokyo.