Friday, August 19, 2011

Russian Circles - Empros (2011)

sputnik news story

Chicago post-rock trio Russian Circles will release their fourth album, Empros, on October 25.

The album was produced by Brandon Curtis, who manned the decks for Russian Circle the group's 2009 release, Geneva.

1. 39
2. Mladek
3. Schipol
4. Atackla
5. Batu
6. Praise Be Man

blah, dunno if I even mentioned their upcoming album recently, but if not, here's some of the info. Last time I was thinking about them, was how Geneva was their 2nd attempt to follow-up Enter their great debut record, and more or less failing to do so.

I guess at some point, I won't expect much great work from them. They're a lot like a band like Zero Hour in that sense, 1 great record, a band member then leaves, and they put out many records after that don't really capture even close to the level of that breath-of-fresh-air debut album.

But as someone whose found a reasonable list of other "post" bands I enjoy really since discovering these guys in 2006, I'm just kind of impartial to what they do. If this album is better than their last 2, well, I might begin to start believing in them again. But my expectation level is not all that high here, which probably is the safest approach at this point for myself.