Monday, August 29, 2011

The Faceless - TBA (2011) (1.0) (re-Signing with Summerian)

8/29/11 12:48AM

new interview with guitarist Michael Keene and new bassist Evan Brewer. Again, good info, but nothing concrete about a title, time frame really, or anything more than just a few vague comments about the new album. It is kind of cool to hear how Evan had a role in helping them out, long before joining the band.

8/23/11 12:42PM

They've posted some stuff on facebook here and there this year, but nothing definitive other than the fact their longtime vocalist Derek Rydquist left (on good terms I guess), and they replaced him with a guy named Geoff Ficco.

But this video is a bit of an update, and who knows exactly when it was all shot. It could have been a month ago. But the important information, other than the intrigue about this record, is, there is no info about when it's coming out still.
And the clock is ticking as it's only about 5 weeks until the ending of the window for late-in-the-year promotion. I..e in a little over 5 weeks, if nothing specific is announced, in all likelihood, it'll have to drop in 2012. And along with Painted In Exile announcing Spring 2012 as a projection for their new record, it's not exactly helping the quality and depth of Extreme Metal releases in 2011.

However, if Ne Obliviscaris does come out as it seems more likely now, that may help.

2/9/11 6:30PM


Los Angeles- based progressive death metal titans THE FACELESS have re-signed with Sumerian Records. The band will enter guitarist's Michael Keene's studio in March to begin recording its third album for a summer release.

Commented Sumerian Records founder Ash Avildsen: "Of every signing in the history of Sumerian Records, I feel the re-signing of THE FACELESS is the most symbolic and monumental of all.

"Back in 2006 when I stopped touring, I was living in a one-bedroom Venice Beach apartment as an aspiring but struggling DIY booking agent trying to pay the bills. With a dream of having a record label built upon the spirit of family and perseverance and comprised of a heavy, cutting-edge roster, I set out to find the perfect first band. I could not have chosen a better group than THE FACELESS to begin the story of Sumerian Records. With no office or staff, just sheer determination and a vision, we shook hands and decided let's show the business what the little guys can do together with all the odds against us.

"Both as a huge fan and a true friend, I have watched the members of THE FACELESS go from being an unsigned, struggling local L.A. band to a critically acclaimed, internationally renowned, touring force that have been chosen to travel the planet with MESHUGGAH, LAMB OF GOD[IMG], CANNIBAL CORPSE, IN FLAMES, BETWEEN THE BURIED AND ME, NECROPHAGIST, THE BLACK DAHLIA[IMG] MURDER, CYNIC and more.

"One of the greatest joys of my job is to be able to help incredibly talented musicians build and grow a career.

"THE FACELESS have undoubtedly become an influential, timeless, progressive metal act that continues to evolve before the world's eyes. Now, with their songwriting at an all-time high and their forward-thinking approach to music showing no signs of slowing down, I believe 2011 will be the biggest year THE FACELESS has ever seen and I am very grateful to be a part of it."

Added Keene: "After five years and two successful albums, we've decided to sign on with the sphinx-obsessed, record-pedaling Sumerian Records for some more! We've worked together from the start of both of our respective careers and have grown together the whole way.

"That brings me to the question, if it ain't broke, why fix it?

"There is no doubt that Sumerian has been there for us time and time again when we've needed them and they continue to grow and expand as a label every day. I'm very confident in their work for us and am proud to not only call everyone at Sumerian our business partners, but also our great friends.

"This next record is going to be the most musical and progressive record we've made.

"Since recording 'Planetary Duality', the goals of THE FACELESS have changed a bit. You can still expect a fast, technical and blistering record, but I personally am less focused on a musical aesthetic and more on musicality and making an expressive, unique, moody and expansive record. Speed picking, flying double bass and skin melting guitar solos are certainly still in order. However, you can also expect more clean vocals with big harmonies, some unique instrumentation, dark moody passages, interesting keyboards, synth guitars, vocoder and sequenced segments. It's going to be the most focused and depressive FACELESS record to date.

"I'll also be filming as much of the recording process on my FlipCam and posting frequent webisodes along the way.

"I'm really excited to show our fans a glimpse into the daily life of THE FACELESS, the recording process and my little world at Keene Machine Studios. We hope you enjoy it as much as we do."

THE FACELESS is scheduled to headline the Sumerian showcase during the South By Southwest (SXSW) at Emo's Annex in Austin, Texas on March 16 with VEIL OF MAYA, ANIMALS AS LEADERS and UPON A BURNING BODY.

I could have sworn I read they entered the studio in January, but I also may be thinking of Decapitated or a band whose also on Summerian Records.

2008's Planetary Duality = huge disappointment. Get rid of those digitized/Cynic-wannabe vocals and do something cool/original, or at least go back to where things really worked on their debut record Akeldama.

The Faceless are among the most talented Tech/Death bands still around, they easily could do their best work on this 3rd record of theirs. With a March studio recording schedule, it's probably looking like a late Summer/Early Fall release.