Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Team Me - TBA (2011)

no time for lengthly details, but this Norweigan band's debut EP Team Me EP, came out earlier this year, and I've enjoyed a bit over the last few weeks, amongst a handful of good new bands to me (Typhoon, Gotye, The Minor Canon).

Their music is kind of a mix of pop, dreamy psych and textured rock. I guess when this full length comes out, that style might be more clear. They remind me a bit of Early Ghost and some other layered Pop bands from Europe.

I didn't expect a full-length this soon from them, but actually in some ways I'm not surprised, as often when an EP is released, it's just a fraction of the music that was written at that time.

Now will they become Hipster and will Hip4K grab onto them and fuck with how they are promoted? hopefully not.