Tuesday, June 28, 2011

The Book of Right On - All These Songs About Music (2010)

1 Pinpointing the Exact Moment Hollywood Said Good Enough 5:18
2 Year of the Acronym 4:28
3 Obligatory Jam for the Lady Folk 3:51
4 Manchild at the Helm 4:50
5 Frankly, Ms. Janke 3:07
6 Silk Scarves & White 'Zin 5:04
7 Sense of Entitlement is the New Herpes 6:57

Wow, yet ANOTHER local Minnesota band who are really good, who I just heard about. This band opened for Zebulon Pike on Saturday night at the Triple Rock. There's more to why I even ended up at that show, and ZP themself which hopefully I can share soon in here.

But this band more or less floored me. After their set, I had to pick up both this record on vinyl (+ a download card of course) along with a limited to 100 pressing 7" single of theirs which I have yet to hear actually (no d/l card, although it's supposedly online on 1 of their links to stream).

But referring to this, their debut LP of around 30 minutes, it's pretty much without an uninteresting song. Quite percussive, very organic sounding at times, and many of the songs transition rather well into different sections, including 1 with I think 3-part vocal harmonies. They even use 2 drummers at times, one of them named Kelly, also plays keys and guitar.

The lead vocals are a bit odd, and pretty lyrical in emphasis, but at the same time, the lyrics seem so random and esoteric, they almost sound like they are being used for-how-they-sound (rather than what they mean literally).

I should try reading through them though, as I have yet to do so, and I recall noticing on their myspace blog seeing them posted. And in chatting with their trumpet/sax player, David I think he said his name is, the lyrics are rather significant to what they're doing. Their singer, seems rather opinionated, almost to the point of outspoken-ness, but I think he actually gives them a distinct element that adds a lot to what they are doing. At the show on Saturday, at one point, he was doing a Spoken Word of sorts and ranting pretty good at times. And I guess some of the Hip-Hop fans/community actually digs them, perhaps even just due to that side of the band.

Is there any spoken-word specifically on this album? no, not really. But there certainly are many moments to enjoy. I guess comparing them to other music, stuff like Primus, Battles, or King Crimson makes a little bit of sense, but the melodies, namely from the guitar parts, really adds more to their style.

At times they're atonal or just rythmically driven, but other times the melodic sense shines.

My only really criticism about this album is how short it is. It seems more like an EP being only 7 songs and about half an hour. I guess that's why among other reasons, I am really curious on what they do next. Definitely one of the best new bands, or bands in general, in Minnesota. And one of the best I've found out about for the 1st time in 2011.

Minnesota, land of 10,000 sadly unknown, yet still incredible bands. The Book of Right On being another, and one of the best, which a lot more people would like if they were given the exposure to them. Including the progressive rock scene, as they are most definitely doing (the good kind of) prog. They should get on bills with local bands like Brice Plays Drums, The Royal Veil or even Run at the Dog among a number of others.

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