Friday, June 10, 2011

Dead Pool - Shadows [EP] (2011)
So, this band/project of Ryan Stannage of the space rock band Strange Maps sent me close-circuit post on his twitter just earlier tonight.

Strange Maps
anyway, a band i stumbled upon a few months ago and liked, but for various reasons, haven't listened to a ton since. But among the new artists I've found in 2011, they are among the better ones.

So this project "Dead Pool" of his I didn't realize existed. But isn't exactly like Strange Maps. Just sampling and now downloading totally free this EP of theirs Shadows, is definitely less spacey than Strange Maps, but it still has some spacey or pitch-bending and distortion-pedal-happy guitar textures at times.

But, as I just got wind of I have to step out, and I'm a bit frustrated by writing things and then being interrupted and not posting them when I mean to. I'm going to try and add more to this later (which I'll admit, I don't do even 1/4 of the times I meant to or say I will try to).

But the short about this ep is, some of the style and vocals might seem a little bland or generic at 1st, but these songs seem to surprise me and probably could others. And for an EP, it's a good sign. Reminds a little bit of how I felt about 100 Ft Snowman right away. And I grew to love them. 2 of the songs "Redivine" and "Absent Presence" got my head turning a bit. The ending of the latter namely.

I'm gonna burn this ep for work next week and if I somehow manage to, elaborate more about it in here. But in the mean time, some other people probably would dig this music, which is totally free to download. Sort of blending bands like Tool and Pink Floyd among some others (Oceansize?..yeah I know).

And it's another Australian group who impresses me. Meniscus, Tangled Thoughts of Leaving, Karnivool, Dead Letter Circus...Dead Pool may be in that coming soon.