Wednesday, June 22, 2011

*Shels - Plains of the Purple Buffalo (2011)

6/22/11 11:33PM

facebook post

The album, Plains of the Purple Buffalo will be in stores July 11th - pre-orders ship out June 27 from

6/10/11 5:46AM

*shels - Plains of the Purple Buffalo - part 2 by Shelsmusic

yes, this new song sounds breathtaking at times. Namely the trumpet and peaks with the vocals kind of soaring. I'm getting more excited for this record now.

5/18/11 1:00AM

This is a bit weird. Why I say that;

*Shels are a band I have listened to in the past. April of 2008 apparently. But when I last listened to them? fuck if I recall. But for some reason, I remember liking them, but thought they broke up. And they're based in Los Angeles according to rateyourmusic.

Anyway, they released an album the year before that in 2007 Sea of the Dying Dhow that I apparently checked out, liked, but didn't go back to many times.

Well so some stuff has been posted over the last few years about their follow-up I guess (and nothing about their breakup?)

Now listening to the below Youtube video of "Conference of the Birds" I do remember why I dug them. Post-Rock of a sort. Maybe a bit like No Sound?

but anyway, this 2nd LP of theirs is coming, and the 1st song/sample is online now "Vision Quest." And this new record is expected to be released on June 27th (and not 18th as it says on rateyourmusic). I'll try and add more, even just a follow-up to revisiting their debut record again.

*Shels - Vision Quest by Shelsmusic
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