Monday, June 13, 2011

Tokyo Jihen - Daihakken (2011)


Blech, the short about this group is, in my return to KFAI volunteering, a friend of mine who also volunteers occasionally on Tuesdays in the Music Library there, brought some of this Japanese group's music in not too long ago to listen to while organizing the library.

This friend of mine and I share some music taste, maybe the most being in Jazz and Jazz-Rock. But I wasn't aware he was into any of the "J" stuff (J-Rock, J-Pop, J-Punk, J-Metal, J-Jazz). But it doesn't entirely surprise me.

Tokyo Jihen (also known as "Toyko Incidents") are seemingly, very talented band of musicians who like many of the artists in Japan and other parts of Asia, are pretty well-known there, but not so much elsewhere.

They have a great female singer named Shina Ringo, and play a lot of progressive arrangements. How much I have yet to listen to them outside of those experiences at KFAI, is pretty much none at this point.

But this new upcoming album of theirs titled "Daihakken" (or I guess translates to "The Great Discovery"?) is being released on June 29th, and may get me to start checking them out more thoroughly. And this will be their 6th? full length studio album. The one I recall my friend recommended to me previously is titled Adult from 2006.

Maybe this group will join the likes of Kacica and Mutyumu as my favorite music coming from the great country of Japan. Sadly though, how available their music (like Mutyumu namely) is to purchase in physical format, all the way out here in the States, may be a challenge to say the least.

01. Where's Heaven For The Disc
02. Relative vs. Absolute
03. Brand New Civilization
04. City Without Electricity
05. Regardez Moi
06. Jeux Interdits
07. Dopa-Mint! BPM103
08. Les Adultes Terribles
09. Child Of The 21st Century Universe
10. Un Homme Et Une Femme
11. Reverberation
12. Go With The Wind
13. Fly Me To Heaven
b.t. Where's Heaven For The Tube

this video is possibly/apparently/maybe a demo of the new single with a guy on Youtube playing along to the guitar parts

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