Friday, June 17, 2011

Summer/Upcoming TV Schedule

Every Year it seems like this happens. There's all these shows that I learn of not long before they premiere. So, 2011, is no different. I need to get this down just get a better idea of how to keep track of when everything is, when it premieres, and what day of the week its on.

USA Network:
White Collar: 6/7 (Tuesdays 8PM)
Covert Affairs: 6/7 (Tuesdays 9PM)
Burn Notice: 6/23 (Thursdays 8PM)
Suits: 6:23 (Thursdays 9PM)
Royal Pains: 6/29 (Wednesdays 8PM)
Necessary Roughness 6/29 (Wednesdays 9PM)

Psych: Fall 2011
Fairly Legal: Winter 2012
In Plain Sight: don't really watch anymore, but I believe it's still on Sunday nights.

SyFy Channel:
Warehouse 13: 7/11 (Mondays at 8 or 9PM)
Alphas: 7/11 (Mondays at 9PM) David Strathairn
Battlestar Galactica Chrome?
Three Inches? a 30-min show with James Marsters. But the idiot who runs their twitter will never answer my question about it.
The Munsters?
The Lotus Caves?

Torchwood: July 8th (Fridays at 8PM or 9PM)

Breaking Bad: July 17th (Sundays at 8PM)
The Killing: April (Sundays at 8PM)
The Walking Dead (October 2011)

True Blood: June 26th (Sundays at 9PM?)
Sherlock (Stephen Moffat of Doctor Who, Autumn 2011)

BBC America:
Come Fly With Me
Outcasts: 6/18 (US Premiere)
Doctor Who (Saturdays at 8PM)


The Glades 6/5 (Sundays)

Falling Skies: 6/19 (Sundays 9PM)

The Hot Zone 6/21 (Tuesdays?)
Take the Money and Run 6/27 or 7/28 according to this